Renters Insurance Quotes – Where to Get the Best Rate

Need to get renters insurance quotes? Want to know where to get the cheapest rates? This renters insurance FAQ explains how.

What is renters insurance?

Many renters are under the mistaken impression that if there were a fire or theft in their residence their landlord would be responsible for reimbursing them for their damaged or stolen possessions. Guess what? They’re wrong.

Landlord’s insurance usually only covers damage to the residence. If you’re a renter you need renters insurance to protect you.

Renters insurance covers your possessions against losses from fire, lightning, theft, vandalism, explosions, wind and water damage (excluding floods). It also protects you from lawsuits filed be people injured by you, your family, or your pets.

Where can I get cheap renters insurance?

The best way to get cheap renters insurance is to go online and comparison shop. There are numerous insurance comparison websites where you can get renters insurance quotes from well-known insurance companies so you can compare rates and choose the cheapest policy. (See link below.)

Here are some other ways to save on your renters insurance:

* Buy your renters insurance and auto insurance from the same company. This can save you up to 15% on your yearly premium.

* Raise your deductible. Raising your deductible from $250 to $500 will save you up to 15% on your premiums.

* Get a senior citizen’s discount. If you’re a retired senior you may be eligible for a 10% discount on your renters insurance.

* Get a non-smokers discount. If no one in your residence smokes, you can get a non-smokers discount.

Where To Get Cheap Renters Insurance

Looking for renters insurance? Want to get the cheap renters insurance with a top company? Read on …

Renters Insurance

Many renters think their landlord’s insurance will cover them if they have a fire, burglary, or other disaster. Not so. Your landlord’s insurance only covers the building you live in, not your personal possessions. That’s why you need landlord’s insurance if you’re a renter.

What Renters Insurance Covers

Renters insurance will pay to replace your personal possessions when they’re stolen, or damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Renters insurance also pays for medical expenses and legal fees if someone hurts himself in your home and sues you. And it pays for your living expenses if you need to temporarily move out because your residence becomes uninhabitable due to a fire or other causes.

How Much Renters Insurance You Need

Go through your home and take an inventory of your possessions, including clothing, furniture, electronics, kitchen utensils, linens, jewelry, and collections. Use the total value of everything you own as the amount of insurance you need.

For personal liability insurance, most people get $100,000 worth of coverage. But if you have a lot of assets you may want to get enough coverage to protect those assets.

Where to Get Cheap Renters Insurance

Cheap renters insurance is as near as your computer. The best way to get cheap renters insurance is to go to an insurance comparison website and get quotes from a number of renters insurance companies.

All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes filling out a simple form, wait for your quotes, then choose the cheapest one.

Renters Insurance – Find Out How Renters Insurance Can Protect You

For sure, renters insurance protects your belongings in the event of a fire, theft, or other unforeseen events. It covers damages to your possessions when you rent rather than own your home. It does provides coverage, up to the limits you select, for specified items and situations, including, personal properties like furniture, electronics and more. It will also protect you from incidents that occur while you’re at home, such as a microwave catching on fire or a friend slipping and falling while visiting you.

However, it can be tricky because it is relatively a new concept. There are different kinds of renters insurance contracts, such as the well known industry contract called an HO4 form. If you rent an apartment, house or even a dorm room, you need it to protect you and your property. Apartment renters insurance also protects you if an accident happens at your home. Without it, you have no coverage for personal property loss or damage. Too often, people think they do not have enough property to make this insurance policy worthwhile.

But then, building fires and damage can happen anytime, anywhere, but with proper insurance, your personal property inside your apartment will generally be covered. Before you shop for this kind of insurance coverage, take an inventory of what you own to decide what level of coverage makes you comfortable. The most important thing to get when you move into a rented house or an apartment is a renters insurance policy. This way, if the renter does damage to the property such as damage to windows or walls, the renters insurance policy will pay the landlord for the damages.

Nevertheless, to get started, you simply need to make a list of the property that you want insured, along with serial numbers and any purchase receipts that you have. An estimated 70% of renters do not have this insurance coverage. Landlords and complexes are now requiring this insurance as a condition to rent. If your home is made unlivable by one of these perils, renters insurance will pay for the associated expenses like cost of a temporary residence, meals eaten out etc.

In addition, it can protect you in the event that a liability lawsuit is brought against you. For example, if you injure someone or damage someone property, your insurance can protect you, even if the incident occurred outside of your residence. In fact, many of these policies now include a medical payments coverage, which will pay for non-residents medical expenses. When obtaining a renters insurance quote, take note of some of the special options you can choose from such as endorsements and special coverages.

These are add-on to your standard policy that provide more protection for high value items and other types of fraud. You can make sure that you get the best coverage and the best deals on your insurance by considering the following.

a) Be sure to get your it from the same company that insures your vehicle. b) Do get business renters insurance for properties that you rent for office space.

c) Know what types of damage your insurance covers. Make sure to ask your auto insurance provider about extending coverage. Cheap renters insurance is often available from your auto insurance provider if they also offer renters insurance. I do recommend, you ask the company that provides insurance for your vehicle if they also offer this type of insurance for better apartment interest rates, and if you can receive a discount for extending your existing coverage.

d) Moreover, know your coverage. Depending on your coverage, your insurance may or may not cover flood damage or other natural disasters. Depending on your area, you may be able to add flood insurance to your coverage, though it’s not typical. Be proactive in safeguarding your possessions even with your insurance. However, to make sure that your possessions stay protected, document all of your possessions with a video or photos, and keep documents in a fireproof safe.

Also, even after setting up renters insurance, it is a good idea for your home or business to protect valuable or important documents with a fireproof and flood proof safe. Be aware that this insurance is a unique type of home insurance in that it does not cover damage to the actual structure of the building. With the large number of individuals and families who rent a home or business facility, it is no surprise that many insurance providers consider including renters insurance coverage in their services.

Finally, whether you are an independent agent or broker, there are specific guidelines required in order to sell renters insurance for business or apartment tenants. Because every state has its own insurance education and training requirements, it is very important for you to understand and meet those specifications.

Why You Should Buy Renters Insurance?

You’re renting a home. It could be an apartment or it could be a unit in a condominium. Don’t join those people who think that they need not buy renters insurance because this is a contrary belief.

The truth is your landlord is not responsible for your properties just in case something happens to your dwelling. Only the house, apartment, or the building is insured. Your properties aren’t.

You should buy renters insurance because this will make you sleep better at night. Also, it is better to have renters insurance and not need it than need it and not have it.

If let’s say the time comes when you need it because you have to replace the properties you have lost or have been damaged, you don’t have to pay that much because the insurance company will help you.

Another advantage of having renters insurance is that the coverage also includes the injuries that take place in your home. If someone gets injured at your place, the insurance can pay for the hospital bills. If you are sued because of the accident, the insurance can also pay for the legal bills.

If you are thinking to buy renters insurance, the first thing you do is to look for insurance companies that offer all these insurance benefits. You can consult your yellow pages or just search the Internet.

If you do the latter, you can also compare the policies and the rates of each insurance company which make it easier for you to decide which one to get.

You can also contact the insurance agents. This will make things easier for you because someone can answer the questions in your head. In fact, if they are well-trained and are knowledgeable of the insurance policies that they are selling, you might buy renters insurance from them.

Here’s a note. When you talk to agents, you have to ask them about the terms of the standard renter’s policies when it comes to renter’s insurance. You can also find out if they cover valuables such as art, collectibles, and jewelry. Chances are they do, but there are insurance companies that don’t.

Before you completely decide to buy renters insurance, you should set yourself with the mentality that your renters insurance rate may be different from other people because there is no standard rate when it comes to insurance policies.

This depends on the area you live in and the properties you want insured. The insurance company will then determine what kind of plan they can offer you and how much you pay in order for you to be insured.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

What does renters insurance cover is often asked by people who rent apartments. It shows they are responsible and they don’t believe that landlords are responsible for their properties.

But what does it cover? Well, if you think that the insurance plan will only cover a few possession, you should still get one.

It’s better to have insurance and not need it than need it but not have it. What you can do is get renters insurance that have an all-important liability coverage.

The better explanation to the question is best explained by a staff that has been trained and are knowledgeable of the benefits and the services that you can get from the insurance.

There is the ‘general coverage’ of personal belongings in case of theft and damage. There is the ‘liability coverage’ against financial loss that is the result of injury.

This means that if someone gets injured within your premises, renters insurance can cover the hospital bills. If the insurance holder is sued, then the renters insurance can also pay for the lawsuit.

The insurance agent can also explain the answers to the question what does renters insurance cover.

Generally, renters insurance can cover anything that could happen in an apartment building. At least that is the belief of most people – but this is not exactly true.

The truth is the insurance of the landlord only covers the damages of the building – and not the losses of the tenant, just in case a burglary or break in takes place.

If the building or apartment gets burned down, the landlord is still not responsible for the tenant’s loss.

What does renters insurance cover is the question that insurance companies answer because this is a concern that has to be made clear to those who are getting insured just for renting their apartments or their condominium units. Here are a couple of examples of coverage.

First and foremost, possessions will be protected just in case a stranger gets the fancy of stealing these or vandalizing it.

Possessions will also be protected if there are natural disasters such as windstorm or fire.
If there is damage to the rented house, apartment or condominium unit, and the person cannot live there, renters insurance can pay for the living expenses until the place gets rebuild or renovated.

Another interesting answer to the question what does renter’s insurance cover is that the property can also be insured even if the person goes away on a trip. Renter’s insurance is definitely worth investing in because this will make the person sleep better at night.